How I felt about True Blood’s Final.

I’m just gonna come out and say it. I hated True Blood’s final. Not only did hey reuse a scene that really didn’t need to be there, but they made it out that Eric & Pam made the watered down cure and sold it to sick vampires. They got richer than they already are by selling crap. And then they get thousands more by selling 1 minute of the actual cure. Drinking from Sarah. It’s like they did it on purpose to make us hate them. And Eric never tries to go after Sookie, not even once? Bullshit! Also.. Sarah, as much as I feel she had “something” coming to her, like death! They decided to tie her up and be forced to become a whore for vampires. WTF?? Personally I would have preferred they tortured her to death, then FORCE her to become a whoe! I thought that was just stupid and kinda sexist. And as much as Sookie thinks Sarah deserved to be locked in the dungeon of Fangtasia, I don’t think she would agree to them doing that. Unless they are trying to say that Sookie & Eric haven’t seen each other in 3 years?? I don’t buy that. I also don’t understand why they couldn’t tell us who Sookie ended up with. The only great thing that happened in the final was Eric rocking out to techno and Bill Compton finally DYING!!!  Bill should have died after S3 in my book. It’s nothing against Stephen Moyer. I love him in other movies and shows. I just hate Bill. Anyway.. Fuck you True Blood. Thanks for fucking over every Trubbie. Assholes.


As if we are that stupid. LOL